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Frank Barone MD, FACS Plastic Surgery

Welcome to Frank Barone MD, FACS Plastic Surgery

How are you doing with your new year’s resolutions?
We hope they include improving your health!

This year, our entire practice is focused on healthier lifestyles for both our patients and ourselves.  Achieving optimal health is the foundation of our aesthetic programs and an essential component of a youthful appearance and beauty.  New science is providing revolutionary procedures and products that improve outcomes and safety, while making those resolutions so much more achievable.

So, for the month of February, we invite you to “Fall Back in Love with Your Body” as a Valentine’s gift to yourself.

Improve the health of your skin with a personalized, medically-based skin care program and you will not only look younger, but also lower your skin cancer risk.  Pay attention to your fitness and nutrition and maximize results with new options in body contouring and long-term weight management.  Don’t forget to check out our News & Events page and Dr. Barone’s blog page for more information on all things healthy living related.

Optimize your health and appearance and you will love the body, emotional well-being and self-confidence you can achieve!

Dr. Frank Barone and his staff offer a personalized and results-based approach to skin and body wellness. They provide the most advanced and proven surgical techniques, services and products with an experienced personal touch. Dr. Barone and his staff assess each patient’s needs and desires, understanding and considering the interdependence of individual procedures with respect for whole body wellness and rejuvenation.

Frank Barone, M.D. Plastic Surgery and evolv Medical Aesthetics, his medically based skin care practice, work together to provide a comprehensive and unique experience for all of their patients. Dr. Barone provides medical direction for both practices which are found in a single location to best maximize the patient’s clinical outcome. Services include:

  • plastic and cosmetic surgery
  • non- or minimally-invasive options in facial and body rejuvenation
  • advanced medical skin care and a wide variety of body treatments
  • laser and light therapies to reduce the risk of skin cancer and the effects of sun damage

The compassionate, caring and experienced staff provide innovative skin and body wellness programs by combining education with complete rejuvenative and corrective services, as well as complementary maintenance and post-procedure care. Dr. Barone and his team help patients create a more natural and youthful appearance using a safe, balanced approach. They strive to stimulate the mind, heal and nurture the body and soothe one’s spirit.

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